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07:30 AM - 08:20 AMZoom Registration
08:40 AM - 08:47 AMOpening by MC By Hardhana Dinaring Danastri & Diemas Sukma Hawkins
08:50 AM - 09:00 AMWelcoming Speech By Dr. Dewi Hanggraeni, SE, MBA

Chairman of ICONIC-RS , Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics & Dean of Faculty Communication and Diplomacy Universitas Pertamina

09:00 AM - 09:15 AMOpening Speech By Prof. Ir. IGN Wiratmaja Puja

Rector of Universitas Pertamina

09:20 AM - 10:30 AMPlenary Session
  1. Iman Rachman – Director of Portfolio Strategy and Business Development PT Pertamina (Persero)
  2. Dr. (H.C) Ir. Airlangga Hartanto, M.B.A., M.M.T* – Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of Republic of Indonesia
  3. Dr. H. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, BBA, MBA. – Minister of Tourism and Creative Economics of Republic of Indonesia
  4. Prof. Muchlis Hamdi, MPA, Ph.D., Special staff of the Minister of Home Affairs for Government Sector
  5. Mr. Enrico Hariantoro – Executive Director of Integrated Financial Services Sector Policy Group, Financial Service Authority (OJK)

10:35 AM - 10:55 AMOil   and   Gas   Landscape   and   Risk   Mitigation   during Pandemic COVID-19 By Prof. Tutuka Ariadji, M.Sc., Ph.DNaeli Fitria, MA

Director General of Oil  and  Gas  of  the  Ministry  of  Energy  and  Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia

10:55 AM - 11:15 AMRisk Management Implementation in Banking Sector By Agus Sudiarto, MMNaeli Fitria,MA

BRI Risk Management Director and Chairman  of  Bankers  Association  for  Risk  Management (BARa)

11:15 AM - 11:50 AMRisk Management Implementation in the Financial Sector: Challenges and Opportunities in the 5.0 Era By Herman Saheruddin, Ph.DNaeli Fitria ,MA

Director of Research Group Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS)

01:05 PM - 02:05 PMCyber Security as an International Systemic Management Risk, especially in the Post-Covid Era? By Dr. Joe BurtonDr. Indra Kusumawardhana, M.Hub.Int.

Associate Lecturer in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews

02:10 PM - 03:10 PMJust and Order Global Energy Transition By Prof. Dr. Benjamin K. Sovacool Novita Putri Rudiany, M.A.

Professor of Energy Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School, United Kingdom

03:15 PM - 04:15 PMLessons for Emergency Planning and Management Derived from the Covid-19 Pandemic By Prof. David Alexander Dr. Farah Mulyasari, S.T., M.Sc.

Professor of Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London (UCL)

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08:45 AM - 09:00 AMOpening & Organization by MC By Fendi Irawan
04:00 PM - 04:30 PMClosing By Fendi Irawan
09:00 AM - 10:45 AMEnergy and Risk Assessment By Eka Puspitawati, Ph.DMuhammad Arham, Ph.D
  1. IGN Wiratmaja Puja (Universitas Pertamina); Mochamad Irvan Maulana (ITB); Maris Aufa (PT Dago Energi Nusantara)*; Ekha Panji Syuryana (ITB): Floating Storage Regasification Unit and LNG Hub Risk Management Based on Monte Carlo Analysis.
  2. Mochamad Irvan Maulana (ITB)*: Risk Assessment and Integrity Analysis of Flexible Subsea Pipeline
  3. Khusnun Widiyati (Universitas Pertamina)*: Risk Assessment in Dropped and Dragged Anchor in Offshore Pipeline Based on DNV RP F107 and DNV RP F111
  4. Andiani Setia Wardani, Moch. Salman Fadillah Suardana, Gusti Verhan Pratama (Teknik Metalurgi Unjani): Risk Assessment Strategy for Corrosion Under Insulation of Nano Technology Insulation on Geothermal Pipeline
  5. Ervin Egidius (Pertamina University)*; Febryan Dewantara (Pertamina University); Harummi S Amarilies (Universitas Pertamina): Implementation of Risk Management Based On ISO 31000 as a Risk Prevention Strategy for Diesel Fuel Receiving and Distribution Facilities
  6. Yohanes Handoko Aryanto (Pertamina Energy Institute)*: The Risk of Disorderly Energy Transition to Indonesian Oil & Gas Sector
  7. Muhammad Alieviansyah Sumono (Pertamina University)*; Gilang Muhammad Gemilang (Pertamina University): Stability Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structure with Tension Leg Platform Type
01:30 PM - 03:30 PMEnergy and Risk Assessment Session II By Eka Puspitawati, Ph.DMuhammad Arham, Ph.D
  1. Teguh Aryo Nugroho (Universitas Pertamina)*; Muhammad Abdillah (Universitas Pertamina); Nita Indriani Pertiwi (Universitas Pertamina): Risk Management of Development Photo Voltaic Mini Grid (PLTS Grid) Universitas Pertamina
  2. Neni Dyah Purwanti (Perum Jasa Tirta II)*; Pur wanto (Perum Jasa Tirta II); kandiana wati (Perum Jasa Tirta II): Analyze Of Risk Management And Corporate Governance To Corporate Performance
  3. Muhammad Shafi Ashraf (Universitas Pertamina)*: Risk Analysis of Loading/Unloading Activities with Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) (Study Case: PT Crieta Logistics)
  4. Fatimah D Qonitan (Universitas Pertamina)*; Ariyanti Sarwono (Universitas Pertamina); Farhan M. Hilmi (Universitas Pertamina); Nova Ulhasanah (Universitas Pertamina): Assessing Health Risk of Atmospheric Fine Particulate Exposures of Senior Citizens Living in a Nursing Home (Case Study: Jakarta, Indonesia).
  5. Tasmi (Universitas Pertamina)*; Muhammad Zaki Almuzakki (Universitas Pertamina); Muhammad Nur Yasin (Universitas Pertamina); Marro Sandy (Universitas Pertamina): Outlet Pressure Prediction in a Leaking Natural Gas Flow Pipe
  6. Waskito Pranowo (Universitas Pertamina)*; Adhitya Ryan Ramadhani (Memorial University of Newfoundland): Geostatistics for Risk Level Mapping: Synthetic Data Example
  7. David Peterson (Pertamina University)*; Eka Puspitawati (Pertamina University): How Exchange Rate, Refinery Capacity, Consumption, and Petroleum Power Generation Respond to the Risk of Oil Import Shocks
  8. Sandy Kurniawan (Universitas Pertamina)*: Locating Seismic Hazard Prone area in Bali, Indonesia
09:00 AM - 10:45 AMEnvironmental, Social, and Governance By Dr. Feriansyah, S.E., M.Si
  2. Ni Putu M Mia Tarani (Universitas Pertamina)*; Achmad Kautsar (Universitas Pertamina): IMPACT OF MENTAL HEALTH AND SOCIAL ECONOMIC STATUS ON LEVEL OF LIFE SATISFACTION
  3. Dinda F Jasmine (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*: Monitoring Blue Carbon Sustainability Index in Asia-Pacific Using Long-term Remote Sensing Data Products
  4. Dyah R. Hafidzah (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*: Modeling the Potential for Plastic Waste Accumulation in Southeast Asia River level by Integrating Remote Sensing and Climate Data
  5. Ramadani Putri (Bandung Institute of Technology)*; Jasmine N Mahdani (Bandung Institute of Technology); Anjar dimara sakti (Bandung Institute of Technology): Spatial Modeling of Multi-Hazard Exposure Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Case Study Bandung City Indonesia
  6. Nadisha Nanda Alifia (Bandung Institute of Technology)*: Long-Term Analysis of Water Quality and Lake Sedimentation Determination in Southeast Asia with Time Series Modeling
  7. Neola Tamarisa (Institut Teknologi Bandung); Adria Viola Chintia (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*: Modeling Multi-hazard Assessment in Southeast Asia Region Using Integrated Machine Learning and Remote Sensing Approach
01:30 PM - 03:30 PMEnvironmental, Social, and Governance Session II By Dr. Feriansyah, S.E., M.SiAchmad Kautsar, M.Si.
  1. Eng. Mega Mutiara Sari (Universitas Pertamina)*; I Wayan Koko Suryawan (Universitas Pertamina): Is Yogyakarta City Worthy of Waste-Based Energy Development
  2. Fitda Salsabilah (Bandung Institute of Technology)*: Long-term Analysis of Spatial Marine Activity Index in Exclusive Economic Zone of ASEAN Countries Using Remote Sensing Data
  3. Juan Andrean Milliandza (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*: Spatial Modeling of Agricultural Biomass Energy Potential in Southeast Asia Region Using Integrated Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
  4. Riski Guswanda (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*: Spatial Analysis of Geothermal Energy Potential in Southeast Asia Region Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data Integration
  5. Fatimah D Qonitan (Universitas Pertamina)*; Nurulbaiti Listyendah Zahra (Universitas Pertamina); Fikri Abdurrahman Haidar (Universitas Pertamina): Overview of the Air Quality Index in DKI Jakarta during the 2019 Dry Seaso
  6. Wafi Alfathan Gayo (Universitas Pertamina); Nova Ulhasanah (Universitas Pertamina)*; Natasya Sabrina Putri (Universitas Pertamina); Kevin Samuel Enricho Rolos (Universitas Pertamina); Gusti Bimo Chaniago (Universitas Pertamina); Laode Muhammad Fahrul Fauzi (universitas pertamina); Fatimah D Qonitan (Universitas Pertamina): Environmentally Friendly Energy-Based Park for Carbon-Neutral at Universitas Pertamina
  7. Icha Novianti (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*: Monitoring Sustainability Level for Existing Geothermal Power Plants in the Southeast Asia Region Using Long-term Remote Sensing Data
  8. Sari Widyanti (Universitas Pertamina)*: Mapping Indonesia’s Energy Potential and Demand to Support Sustainable Energy Transition
09:00 AM - 10:45 AMRisk Management and Good Corporate Governance By Dr. Dewi Hanggraeni, S.E., M.B.A.Muhammad Fadli Hanafi, S.E., M.M.
  1. Sendy Watazawwadu Ilmi Prahaji (Universitas Indonesia), Dewi Hanggraeni (Universitas Pertamina)*; Effect of Mobility Restriction, Sentiment, and Deaths to Indonesia Stock Market: Comparative Study Between First and Second Wave COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Nathania Anindyajati Prahaji (Universitas Indonesia), Dewi Hanggraeni (Universitas Pertamina)*; Analysis of Determinant Factors of Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) on Conventional Banks in Indonesia Periods 2019 – 2021
  3. Mompo Octaria Tambunan (Universitas Indonesia): Probability of Default (PD) per Province to Estimate a More Granular Impairment Credit Loss for ABC Bank
  4. Dominicus S. Priyarsono (IPB University)*; Raden Gustrian (Indonesia Financial Group); Charles Vorst (Indonesian Risk Management Professionals Association); Heri Supriyadi (BRI Insurance); Yusuf Munawar (Center for Risk Management and Sustainability): RISK MANAGEMENT IN PRIVATE COMPANIES AND PUBLIC SECTOR ORGANIZATIONS: A COMPARATIVE STUDY
  5. Muhammad Afif Arsyad (Universitas Indonesia)*: The Indonesian Stock Reaction to First Announcement of COVID 19 Pandemic
  6. Hawwin Mardhiana (Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya); Mochamad Nizar Palefi Ma’ady (Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya)*; Abduh Sayid Albana (Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya); Iwan Vanany (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia): The Important of Supply Chain Resilience During Covid-19 Pandemic For Enterprise Risk Management: A Systematic Literature Review
  7. Hani Noor Ilahi (Ministry of Women Empowerment and Children Protection)*: Economic Empowerment Strategy for Vulnerable Group Women During the Covid-19 Pandemic
01:30 PM - 03:30 PMRisk Management and Good Corporate Governance Session II By Dr. Dewi Hanggraeni, S.E., M.B.A.Muhammad Fadli Hanafi, S.E., M.M.
  1. Rika Isnarti (Universitas Pertamina)*; Ardila Putri (Universitas Pertamina); Novita Rudiany (Universitas Pertamina); JULIO CÉSAR Cepeda Ladino (Universidad Nacional de Colombia): Vaccine Diplomacy: A Systematic Literature Review
  2. Iktri Madrinovella (Universitas Pertamina)*: Identification of Virtual Team Communication Risk using Kepner-Tregoe Method during Pandemic
  3. Vito Shadiq (University of Indonesia); Dewi Hanggraeni (Universitas Pertamina)*: the impact of Mortality Risk to Life Insurance Financial Performance during Covid-19
  4. IKA D. WIDHARYANTI (PERTAMINA UNIVERSITY)*: Impact analysis of a pandemic on the control of the process safety risk in major hazards industries
  5. Jasmine N Mahdani (Bandung Institute of Technology)*; Ramadani Putri (Bandung Institute of Technology); Anjar Dimara Sakti (Bandung Institute of Technology): Spatial Prioritization for Sanitation Development by Integrating Spatial and Socioeconomic Data in Bandung City Indonesia
  6. Meredita Susanty (Universitas Pertamina)*; Bayu Wicaksono (Universitas Pertamina); Selly Ambarwati (Universitas Pertamina): Academic Information System Risk Scenario due to COVID-19 Pandemic using ISACA Framework
09:00 AM - 10:45 AMContemporary Economy and Geopolitical Risk By Dr. Indra Kusumawardhana, M.Hub.IntRika Isnarti, S.IP., M.A(IntRel)
  1. Helmy Yahya; Rahma Aji (Universitas Diponegoro)*: Realism On The Iranian-Israeli Nuclear Rivalry
  2. Adilah Hasna (Universitas Diponegoro)*: Identity And Foreign Policy: Turkey’s Support Of Azerbaijan In The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
  3. Desi Maria Pakpahan (Universitas Pertamina); Eka Puspitawati (Universitas Pertamina): Covid-19 Pandemic Potential Risks for Indonesia’s CPO Trade
  4. Rafi Rachmadi (Universitas Pertamina)*; Eka Puspitawati (Universitas Pertamina): Impact of Belt Road Initiative on Indonesia‘s Oil and Gas Trade
  5. Muhammad Fauzi Abdul Rachman (Universitas Pertamina)*; Arry Bainus (Universitas Padjadjaran): Baduy Geopolitical Risk on Covid-19 in the Globalisation Era
  6. Vellia A. Arthahendya (Universitas Diponegoro)*: The Truth Behind of U.S. Military Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan: An Incompetence of the International Structure or the Reality of United States Hegemony
  7. Victoria A. Santoso (Universitas Diponegoro)*: “Global Britain” and its Corellation with United Kingdom’s Intervention in South China Sea
01:30 PM - 03:30 PMContemporary Economy and Geopolitical Risk Session II By Dr. Indra Kusumawardhana, M.Hub.IntRika Isnarti, S.IP., M.A(IntRel)
  1. Achmad Kautsar (Universitas Pertamina)*; Ita Hanika (Universitas Pertamina); Muhammad Nur Ahadi (Universitas Pertamina); Mohammad Ichlas El Qudsi (Universitas Pertamina); Grace Wulandari (Universitas Pertamina); Ni Putu M Mia Tarani (Universitas Pertamina); Citra Kumala (Alumni University of Warwick): Social Exclusion People with Disabilities
  2. Feriansyah (Pertamina University)*; Imam Ghozali (Pertamina University): The Effect of Macroeconomic Variables and Crisis Covid-19 on the Indonesia Composite Index (ICI)
  3. Rico Ricardo (University of Pertamina)*: Factors Influencing Public Support for the Conversion of Kerosene to Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  4. Rico Ricardo (University of Pertamina)*: The Effect of Regional Income on Poverty Rate in Aceh, Indonesia
  5. Martina Mutiara (Pertamina University)*; Nursechafia Nursechafia (Universitas Pertamina): Economic Growth and Monetary Policy before and during Pandemics in Indonesia: An ARDL Approach Analysis
  6. Ardila Putri (Universitas Pertamina)*: Taiwan COVID-19 Risk Management through Securitization of Infectious Diseases
  7. Muhammad Rizky Zakiar (Bandung Institute of Technology); Anissa Dicky Putri (Bandung Institute of Technology); Anjar Dimara Sakti (Bandung Institute of Technology); Muhammad R Zakiar (Bandung Institute of Technology)*: Suitability Analysis for Astronomical Observatories Site Location in Indonesia Using Multi-Source Geospatial Dataset
  8. Silvia D. Anggraeni (Universitas Pertamina)*: Managing Trilemma in Tackling the Pandemic of Covid-19: Lesson learned from South Korea
09:00 AM - 10:45 AMRisk Communication, Cyber Security and Digital Risk By Dr. Farah Mulyasari, S.T., M.Sc.Dr. Mohammad Ichlas El Qudsi, SSi, Msi
  1. Mila Falma Masful (Universitas Paramadina)*, Fit Yanuar (Universitas Sahid Jakarta): Negative Content Spaces On Social Media (Digital Communication Risk Review From Participatory Media Culture Theory By Henry Jekins)
  2. Vivi Varlina (Universitas Pertamina)*; Stefani Ira Pratiwi (Universitas Pertamina): The Causal Chain of The Covid-19 Pandemic and The Threat of Stunting: A Literature Review
  3. Agustina Mu’ashodah (Internship Communications Relations & CID, PT Pertamina EP Regional)*; Farah Mulyasari (Universitas Pertamina): Correlation of Knowledge Level and Age with Preventive Behaviour in Risk Communication to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 by the Government of
    Kediri Regency, Indonesia
  4. Ezra Mariw (Sabda Creative)*; Farah Mulyasari (Universitas Pertamina): Utilization of Info BMKG Application as Medium For Disaster Risk Communication in Jakarta, Indonesia
  5. Priza Audermando Purba (Universitas Pertamina); Muhammad Nur Ahadi (Universitas Pertamina)*; Melisa Indriana Putri (University of Warsaw); Afri Niami Fajri (Universitas Pertamina): Teacher Digital Immediacy as a Risk of Instructional Communication: A Response to Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  6. Muhammad Zaki Almuzakki (Universitas Pertamina)*; Tasmi (Universitas Pertamina); Tiurmauli Rahel Ernita (Universitas Pertamina): On The Usage of Antivirus Software for Malware Spreading Prevention in An Isolated Computer Network
  7. Saktisyahputra SS (Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Manajemen STIAMI)*: Fire Fighting Risk Communication South Jakarta Fire and Rescue Service Sub-Dept. Pasar Minggu Sector in Fire Prevention
  8. Iqbal Ramadhan (Universitas Pertamina)*: ASEAN Consensus and Forming Cybersecurity Regulation in Southeast Asia
01:30 PM - 03:30 PMRisk Communication, Cyber Security and Digital Risk Session II By Dr. Farah Mulyasari, S.T., M.Sc.Dr. Mohammad Ichlas El Qudsi, SSi, Msi
  1. Ariana Yunita (Universitas Pertamina)*; Deden Ade Nurdeni (PT. Eni Indonesia): Research Review On The Measurement Of Information Security Awareness
  2. Ita Hanika (Universitas Pertamina)*; AzZahra Sunandi (Universitas Pertamina): The Complexity of Terms and Condition Privacy Policy in Peer to Peer Lending
  3. Ita Hanika (Universitas Pertamina)*; AzZahra Sunandi (Universitas Pertamina): The Need to Promote Digital Literacy in Peer to Peer Lending for Middle Income Group
  4. Atiqa Khaneef Harahap (Universitas Pertamina)*: Implications of Risk and Cyber Security towards Psychological Aspects of Application Users: Exploratory Study of Mobile Applications Downloading Behavior by the Generation Z
  5. Wahyudi Marhaen Pratopo (Universitas Pertamina)*: The Risk in Implementing Newsroom Convergence in Multiplatform Media
  6. Raihan Akbar Prawira Kusuma (Dialogue Communications)*; Farah Mulyasari (Universitas Pertamina): The Utilization of @hayVeeID Account as Strategic Communication for Health Risk Communication of HIV/AIDS
09:00 AM - 10:45 AMFinance, Human Capital, Marketing, And Operation By Arif Murti Rozamuri, Ph.DSuhari Pranyoto M.M, CMA
  1. Nabila Octaviola Rosanti (Universitas Indonesia); Dewi Hanggraeni (Universitas Pertamina)*: The Effect of Changes in Oil Prices and Gold Prices on the Return of the Sectoral Stock Index of Public Companies in Indonesia from 1999-2019
  2. Qori’atul – Septiavin (Pertamina University)*; Cintya Khairun Nisa (Pertamina University); Feberianto Hieronimus Sipayung (Pertamina University); Kelvin Situmorang (Pertamina University); Fakhrur Rozi (Pertamina University); Nursechafia Nursechafia (Pertamina University): Analysis of The Credit Crunch Phenomenon during the COVID-19 Period in Indonesia: Demand, Supply, and Monetary Policy Approach
  3. Evi Sofia (Universitas Pertamina)*: The Perception of Intention in Higher Education Selection (Study Case of Aperti BUMN)
  4. Ita Hanika (Universitas Pertamina)*: The Impact of Instagram Exposure and Rafi Ahmad as Influence on Intention of Covid 19 Vaccination
  5. Gilang Pamungkas (Universitas Pertamina)*; Arif Murti Rozamuri (Universitas Pertamina): The Effect of Workload and Job Insecurity on Work Burnout of PT Pertamina MOR II employees
  6. Feriansyah Feriansyah (Pertamina University)*; Nursechafia Nursechafia (Pertamina University): Empirical Study of Interest Rate Pass-Through Before and After Subprime Mortgage Crisis: An Indonesian Evidence
  7. Astri Yana (Pertamina University)*; Elan Nurhadi Purwanto (Pertamina University): The Effect of Financial Distress, Capital Structure, and Firm Size on The Firm Value of Property Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2016-2020
01:30 PM - 03:30 PMFinance, Human Capital, Marketing, And Operation Session II By Arif Murti Rozamuri, Ph.DSuhari Pranyoto M.M, CMA
  1. Jaka Trisetia Atmaja (Universitas Pertamina); Rezqi A Basid (Universitas Pertamina)*: The effect of generation Z workforce characteristics on the gig economy with work life integration as a mediation
  2. Ajeng Syarani*: The Effect of Financial Literacy, Risk Tolerance, and Qanun Number 11 of Islamic Financial Institutions on Interest Investment in Sharia Capital in Aceh
  3. Suhari Pranyoto (Universitas Pertamina)*: The Effect Of Profitability Ratio, Efficiency Ratio, And Economic Growth On Debt To Equity Ratio: A Case Study On Health Sector Companies Listed On The Indonesia Stock Exchange
  4. Eka Puspitawati (Universitas Pertamina)*; Tiroima Tiroima (Universitas Pertamina): Does the foreign capital flow of Indonesia have a relationship with oil and gas stock prices during Covid-19?
  5. Fiska Kusumawati (Universitas Pertamina)*; Mafaza Tiyan (Universitas Pertamina): Digital Wallet Purchasing Decisions: LinkAja Case Study During The Pandemic
  6. Hanif Asyhuri (Pertamina University)*; Osel Tazkiya (Pertamina University); Deffanda Putri (Pertamina University); Harummi S Amarilies (Universitas Pertamina): Incorporating Branch and Bound Method for Fuel Tank Truck Route Optimization in Boyolali Fuel Depot
  7. Anita Primaswari Widhiani (IPB University (Bogor Agricultural University)*: The Risks Of Students Dispatch For Community Service During The Covid-19 PandemiC
  8. Dewi Purwaningrum (Universitas Pertamina); Ferani Eva Zulvia (Universitas Pertamina); Anindhita Dewabharata (Universitas Pertamina)*; Gita Kurnia (Universitas Pertamina); Iwan Sukarno (Universitas Pertamina): Customer Segmentation Using the K-Means Clustering as a Strategy to Avoid Overstock in Online Shop Inventory.
09:00 AM - 10:45 AMOperational Risk By Dr. Eng. Sri Hastuty, S.T., M.T., M.EngAngga Ranggana Putra, S.A.B., M.B.A.
  1. Yelita Anggiane Iskandar (Universitas Pertamina): Evaluation of Green Warehouse Performance Indicators Using Analytical Hierarchy Process and Objective Matrix (Case Study: PT PLN (Persero) UPT Cilegon)
  2. Muhammad Akbar Barrinaya (Universitas Pertamina); wei hong yeo (universiti tunku abdul rahman); S. Ramesh (University of Malaya); Sri Hastuty (Universitas Pertamina); Purwo Dr. Kadarno (Universitas Pertamina); Sylvia Ayu Pradanawati (Universitas Pertamina); Yose Fachmi Buys (Universitas Pertamina); Judha Purbolaksono (Universitas Pertamina): Estimation of Steam-Side Scale Growth in Boiler Ferritic Tubes of Coal-Fired Power Generation
  3. Febriyati Kusumawardhani (Universitas Indonesia), Dewi Hanggraeni (Universitas Pertamina)*; Capital Reserve Calculation Analysis Of Operational Risk In Submarine Cable Service Portfolio: Case Study Of Pt Telkominfra
  4. Yety S. Ningrum (Institute Technology Adhi Tama Surabaya )*; Erlinda Ningsih (Institute Technology Adhi Tama Surabaya); Ririn Erinda (Institute Technology Adhi Tama Surabaya): Simulation And Performance Analysis Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Using Comsol Multiphysics 5.6 Software
  5. Endah Mrs Murtiana Sari (Universitas Esa Unggul)*: Design partnering Framework to reduce Financial Risk in Construction Projects
  6. Rio P Nugroho (Universitas Pertamina)*: Geological Field Activities for Higher Education During COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia: Risky but Necessary
  7. Wegik Dwi Prasetyo (Department of Chemical Engineering Universitas Pertamina)*; Yelita Anggiane Iskandar (Universitas Pertamina): The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Personnel Management at the Oil and Gas Offshore Platforms
01:30 PM - 03:30 PMOperational Risk Session II By Dr. Eng. Sri Hastuty, S.T., M.T., M.EngAngga Ranggana Putra, S.A.B., M.B.A.
  1. Rachmat Sule (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*; Farah Mulyasari (Universitas Pertamina); Wawan Gunawan A. Kadir (Universitas Pertamina): Risk Analysis of Gundih Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage: Implications and Challenges of Risk Governance of Technological Advancement for Climate Change Mitigation
  2. Arianta (Universitas Pertamina)*; Riska Budiana (Universitas Pertamina): A Quantitative Risk-Based Inspection Analysis to Define the Risk of Offshore Structure
  3. Khansa M. Yasir (Universitas Pertamina)*; Ranny Adriana (Universitas Pertamina); Khristya Pramitha (Beca): Comparison of Earthquake Resistant Building Design Based on SNI 1726-2012 and SNI 2847-2013 with SNI 1726-2019 and SNI 2847-2019. Case Study of Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII) Student Apartment Building
  4. Erland Dhita Mahfudh (Universitas pertamina); Gati Annisa Hayu (Universitas Pertamina)*: Design Of Earthquake Resistant Building By Using Shear Wall And High Damping Rubber Bearing Base Isolator
  5. Arianta . (Universitas Pertamina)*; Astrid Diamanda (Universitas Pertamina); Mohammad Aditya (Universitas Pertamina): Study to Determine the Probability of Failure Based on System Bracing and Number of Legs on Offshore Structures
  6. Wirman Hidayat (Universitas Pertamina)*; Rangga Sudisman (University of Pertamina); arlyn aristo (Universitas Pertamina): Micropiles Structural Behaviors for Slope Stabilization
  7. Indrianto Indrianto (Institut Teknologi PLN)*; Meilia Nur Susanti (Institut Teknologi PLN); Abdurrasyid ARD Abdurrasyid (Institut Teknologi PLN): The Implementation of the Euclidean Distance Method on a Heart Detection Device to Determine the Patient’s Position
  8. Teuku Muhammad Rasyif (Universitas Pertamina)*; Teuku Mahlil (Universitas Pertamina): Tsunami run-up assessment toward human lives around Meuraxa of Aceh, Indonesia
09:00 AM - 10:45 AMEnergy and Risk Assessment/Operational Risk By Byan Wahyu Riyandwita, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.DIqbal Ramadhan, M.I.Pol.
  1. Yusri Pamungkas (Universitas Pertamina); Ari Rahman (Universitas Pertamina)*; Fatimah D Qonitan (Universitas Pertamina): Risk Assessment of Work Accident Using Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) in the Production Area of PT X
  2. Sri Hastuty (Universitas Pertamina)*; Rahmat Fatjra (Universitas Pertamina): The Role of Nitrate and Sulfate Anions on The Pitting Corrosion Behavior of Steel in Atmospheric Environment
  3. Sandy Kurniawan (Universitas Pertamina)*: Preliminary Results of Low-Frequency Passive Seismic Study Around Lake Toba, Indonesia
  4. Ario Turangga Bayu (Universitas Pertamina); Purwo Dr. Kadarno (Universitas Pertamina)*; Judha Purbolaksono (Universitas Pertamina): Energy Absorption Analysis of Composite Crash box using Numerical Method
  5. Andika Pambudi (Universitas Pertamina)*; Dedi Syahputra (Universitas Pertamina): The Determining Factors of Ron-88 (Premium) Fuel Consumption Transition on Fuel Policy Reform in Indonesia
  6. Sandy Kurniawan (Universitas pertamina)*: Early Model for Site Effect Study in Lake Toba using Low Frequency method
  7. Nur Layli Rachmawati (Pertamina University)*; Adji Candra Kurniawan (Universitas Pertamina); Yelita Anggiane Iskandar (Pertamina University); Kharisa Ainun Nikmah (Pertamina University); Michael Sembiring (Pertamina University); Talitha Adna Darrel Caluella Riyanto (Pertamina University); Thobias Adriel Silaen (Pertamina University); Ine Inayah ( Pertamina University); Kenzie Dwianugerah Delu (Pertamina University): Network Optimization Design to Reduce Lost Sales Risk on Supply Chain: A Case Study of Furniture Product
01:30 PM - 03:30 PMEnergy and Risk Assessment/Operational Risk Session II By Byan Wahyu Riyandwita, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.DIqbal Ramadhan, M.I.Pol.
  1. Arianta . (Universitas Pertamina)*; Astrid Diamanda (Universitas Pertamina); Mohammad Aditya (Universitas Pertamina): Study to Determine the Probability of Failure Based on System Bracing and Number of Legs on Offshore Structures
  2. Reifaldy Tsany Betta Aryanto (Universitas Pertamina); Nova Ulhasanah (Universitas Pertamina)*; I Wayan Koko Suryawan (Universitas Pertamina); Ariyanti Sarwono (Universitas Pertamina); Iva Yenis Septiariva (Universitas Sebelas Maret): From Total Suspended Solid to Energy: Potential Energy Recovery for Fecal Treatment Plan in Jakarta
  3. Anissa Dicky Putri (Bandung Institute of Technology)*: Spatial Suitability Analysis of Base Transceiver Station Tower Potential to Support Equal Internet Access in Indonesia
  4. Aditya Wibawa Sakti (Universitas Pertamina)*; Nila Tanyela Berghuis (Universitas Pertamina): Highly Efficient Computational Chemistry Protocol Implementations for Chemical Research in Pandemic Situation
  5. Ajeng Oktaviani (Universitas Pertamina)*; Ludovika Jannoke (Universitas Pertamina); Weny Astuti (Universitas Pertamina): Remote Operations in Oil and Gas Industries During Pandemic Era Case
  6. Sandy Kurniawan (Universitas Pertamina)*: Early results of Seismic Hazard Study Based on Peak Ground Acceleration and B value analysis in East Java Region.
  7. Muhammad Husni M Lubis (Universitas Pertamina)*; Ida Herawati (Universitas Pertamina); Kunti Arista (Universitas Pertamina); Bastian Torus (Universitas Pertamina): The Use of Geophysical Technology to Monitor CO2 Storage Risk in an Offshore CCS Project