The theme of the International Conference on Contemporary Risk Studies (ICONIC-RS) 2023: “ Increasing Resilience and Managing Risk in Global Disruptions”. This theme means identifying the key challenges and opportunities of risk studies and management in supporting the sustainable development, which will be covering the issues in Energy and Risk Assessment, Environmental Social and Governance; Risk Management and Good Corporate Governance; Contemporary Economy and Geopolitical Risk; Risk Communication, Cyber Security, and Digital Risk; Finance, Human Capital, Marketing, and Operation; and Operational Risk (including Technology, Construction, and Engineering).

Sub Theme 
1. Risk on Energy Sector and Sustainability
2. Environmental Social and Governance
3. Risk Management and Good Corporate Governance
4. Contemporary Economy and Geopolitical Risk
5. Risk on Communication, Media Studies, Cyber, Security, and Digital Risk
6. Economic and Businiess Development
7. Finance, Human Capital, Marketing, and Operation
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