Risk has evolved into one of the defining characteristics of modern civilization. Almost every day, we are consumed with analyzing, debating, or avoiding a wide range of hazards. It is a fundamental concept for corporations and organizations, as well as nation governments and their many levels of government. Risk, and the avoidance or embracement of it, is a major subject for individuals as well. As a result, the modern understanding of risk sheds light on the broader concept of risk. 

In addition, currently, the Covid-19 Pandemic is still rapidly spreading and infecting people that is posing global threat such as political, social, and economical chaos, which can severely disrupt business operations, development, as well as engineered construction activities. This may impede problems in delivering products and services to customers and set rationales to implement risk assessments and management. 

In this conference, we will take a closer look at risk management, one of the most dominant approaches to dealing with risk in modern society. Scientific papers will then be presented with few spans of risks that illustrate how this approach is used in practice: the risk from financial view, geopolitics, until cyber security and digital risk, to operational risk. 

In this conference, we will also take a closer look at risk perception and the factors that influence how we experience risk in modern society. We will discuss, that while experts often rely on various statistical and mathematical models to assess various types of risks; the general public tends to make more intuitive judgments about the severity and likelihood of risk. The papers that will be presented hopefully will invoke deeper understanding how we deal with variety array of risks. 

In this conference, we will also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of modern-day risks as well by looking at key contemporary global challenges involving risks. Throughout the conference, each of these risks will be discussed by various experts, who will highlight the most important features and strategies to deal with them. Lastly, will learn how, both collectively and individually, each of the challenges and opportunities of risk could significantly impact the globe, presenting a notable challenge for current and future generations of risk. 

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