1. Author submit their abstract to our conference management system
  2. Chairs will assign reviewers to review abstract. If the abstract meet our focus, scope and structure the abstract will be accepted.
  3. If the abstract do not fulfill our focus, scope, theme and structure reviewers and chair will let primary author know via email, please check your email regularly and you need to do the revision
  4. After your abstract is accepted, you will need to upload your full paper based on our deadline and our format that can be found on the full paper iconicrs guidelines
  5. Full paper can be upload on the revision stage
  6. The full paper will be reviewed again by our reviewers
  7. If there is conflict of interest, our chair, reviewer, and author will discuss
  8. After reviewing process, if there is some feedback that the author should revise from reviewers, chair will let the author now and give some time to do the revision. Make sure to turn on the track change on the revision that has been asked by our chair or reviewers.
  9. The submission will be accepted after final revision, and be camera ready.
  10. The chairs will do final editing, and layout for publication in our proceedings
  11. Some of the article will be encourage to publish to our partner’s journal. If so, the author still need to follow the journal regulation and policy
Term and condition : The committee have rights to change, update and revise the flow and all of regulation and policy in ICONICRS 2023 without short and further notice
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